My Motivations

While on Vacation in Central America I was introduced to “ Breathwork.” I was hooked! How could Breathing connect me with my Soul, remove emotional blocks and offer clarity in my life! Where had this been all of my LIFE! I emersed myself into this spiritual modality and now I want everyone to experience what I experienced and continue to practice daily!

Ho’oponopono found me I did not go and look for it, I could barley pronounce the word! This is an Ancient Hawaiian Healing practice of compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude, both for our relationships and for ourselves. Ho’oponopono when practiced “establishes harmony, corrects what is wrong, makes right, restores order. Ho’oponopono has allowed me to turn off my Constant MIND Chatter and hear my Essential Self!

About Breathwork By Rick

I must acknowledge my late father who inspired me to explore other religions and my spirituality, as well as my wife Beth who has been my “spiritual rock” for 30 plus years, they have encouraged me to become who I’am today. So with a degree in Psychology and years working in “corporate” America it was time to allow my Essential Self to guide me on my Life’s Journey!
Photo of Rick, owner of Breathwork By Rick

About the Journey: What You Can Expect to Learn in Class

Breathwork Sessions are very personal and no two are alike. Some of my clients have experienced deep emotional releases, vision quests, connection with “Higher Self”, energy healings. What I have experienced as the practitioner is have no expectations; its not my healing its yours.

Ho’oponopono in its simplest form is “ a way of life.” By repeating four short phrases which are only a few words: “I’m sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you.” Miracle’s begin to appear in your life! Ho’oponopono seems simple enough, but once integrated into daily practice changes your entire understanding of how “life” works!


Why Breathwork Matters

Breathwork is more than just and exercise of focused breathing. These techniques of breathing are tools for major healing and transformation. Breathwork incorporates a wide range of whole-being exercises and practices used to relieve physical, mental, emotional tensions and connect you to your Essential Self.